3 Things named after famous people

Most people would not waste time and energy thinking of a creative way to name a new idea. If you could have something named after you, what would it be?
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If you could have something named after you, what would it be?

People are lazy by nature, but laziness is not always a bad thing. Laziness might be healthy and it is actually considered as the most influential factor in our species’ technological and scientific advances through out time.

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Laziness makes you smarter

We like to find the most efficient and effective way to do stuff. The whole concept of our technological revolution is to cut corners, to find the easiest way and the most direct path forward.

Our laziness has been our biggest driver since the dawn of time. It “our laziness” has eventually reached a point where it affected our creative thinking. Most people would not waste time and energy thinking of a creative way to name a new idea, concept or thing.

That’s why humans though out history have chosen the easy way when referring to something new or different, which was always to name it after the person who have done, created, invented, came out with it or resulted in it’s existence.

Examples of things named after people

Let’s go through some examples of things that have been named after people for whatever reasons that could be.


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Curium in laser detection

Curium (Cm) was made in 1944, California. It was named to tribute the contribution of great scientists Marie and Pierre Curie in the field of chemistry and physics.


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A beautiful woman chilling in a jacuzzi

The Jacuzzi brothers developed a hydrotherapy pump to use in the bath. So it wasn’t named after one person, but after a family name.


A young girl playing the saxophone similar to the one that was named after Adolphe Sax
A young girl playing the saxophone

Although Adolphe Sax created quite a few horn instruments, but the most famous one is the one that bears his name. His dream was to create an instrument with the workings of a woodwind- hence the reed- but with that iconic horn sound. The saxophone changed the face of music forever, even though it took a while to gain popularity. It remained a novelty instrument until the rise of jazz in the 1920s when musicians found it matched the sound of the new genre.

Choose what to be named after you

If you give it a thought you will notice that humans have even done this with themselves we call each other by that same concept of naming someone by reference to the parent.

Not to sound annoyed by that. On the contrary I find it fascinating how our laziness have resulted in a form of organized system to which we can automatically communicate and interact together.

The annoying part about having someone or something named after you is that apparently you have absolutely no control whatsoever over this person or that thing.

The person might become the most powerful and helpful human being and also might be the most hateful and dangerous one. The thing might be utterly useless or harmful and it might be the new greatest achievement or invention.

Most people can not even imagine having the opportunity to choose or to control what to be named after them. They may consider it a fantasy or a dream that could never become true. But, why not? Even though we should not stop dreaming or day dreaming about the best life we could have. Simply because who knows? Maybe it would happen one day.

So let’s see what if you have the chance to control what would be named after you. What would you like it to be? Feel free to imagine and day dream about it as long as it would take you and cherish the moments you spend doing so after settling on something feel free to share it with us in a comment.

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