The love to laugh

Humans love being humorous. The emotional and therapeutical power of laughter isn’t a thing to be ignored.
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What makes you laugh?

There’s enough going on in our world to make us all feel sad, no need to give examples. The world is full of foolish people doing unspeakable things and inflecting damage to the very home we do all share, the planet earth, either directly or not.

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A young girl cracking in laughter

The wise thing to do is to try to find the small things in life that make you laugh and still be a child at heart. Search for the silly foolishness around you and laugh out loud at it.

A wise woman once said, if there wasn’t any fools there wouldn’t be any fun in the world.

Humans do love jokes specially the most silly ones. Even our pets are catching up on that. Examples have been seen many times on instagram reels like that golden retriever would act foolishly and perform a theatrical movements like chasing its tail or falling on its side after being figuratively shot down by an imaginary pistol. Or that small kitten that poses and smile when it notices the camera. They do that just to make their human pets laugh and smile.

They have associated the laughter with happiness and developed a new neurological network for the rewarding system the have. Which means that they have been evolving for a while now. They developed a new sensation of satisfaction that didn’t originate from tasting an edible treat or being petted on the head, chest or tummy.

The other day 2 cats were shagging in my neighbours garden. The racket was hilarious. Now that was cracking. Especially when she ran out after them. Because they were still trying to uncouple as they ran off. What a noise and what a sight. My neighbour and myself laughed like crazy.

Here speaking about myself, I tend to laugh at animals doing silly things, sarcasm, dark humour. Shows like The Office and Little Britain tend to make me laugh hard.

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