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About Hertones teams

We are hertones team. A group of professionals and amateurs working together as we are specialized in a wide range of fields (Medicine, Engineering, Technology, etc.). We decided to be an active part of the internet community, benefiting her.

By her we mean every female, girl, woman, and lady out there in the world searching for new challenges or seeking answers and solutions, or trying to find a safe place she can trust, a place that will respect her mind and fulfill her need and nourish her wants she needs us. Hertones is there for her and with her always because we all know “EVERYTHING IS ABOUT HER

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Why is everything about her?

Women are kinder, more empathetic, more generous, more intelligent, and it is only fair to assume that women are just better in everything good, thus more valuable than men with few exceptions of course.

The sooner more women take positions of power, the better chances we have as a species. We are not hating or saying that all men are bad or useless, not at all, but humbly, we are better in most aspects of life.

We as girls and women now represent a majority of college students, and 60% of all graduate students. Our income levels are rising, although we still don’t have parity with men. We are far less involved in crime of all sorts, especially violent crimes. We are safer drivers.

We can bore you with more statistics, but you would not need convincing. As most of these statements are intuitively true. And that is the main reason why we matter and everything is about us.

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Our mission is to offer you every possible piece of knowledge about your health, fashion, needs and wants in a safe and comfortable environment